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im illegalizing straight marriage

a) The word “illegalize” does not exist within the English language, to make something illegal is called “criminalizing” it, legalizing it means to turn something illegal into a legal action

b) Fuck you

Illegalize is a perfectly valid word, dating back to at least 1810. In fact, the word “criminalizing” is a much more recent creation. Please do not be so quick to try and discredit valid words, especially when it is but the work of a moment to look them up.

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did you know that there’s a papyrus museum in vienna?

did you know that they have a portion of the book of the dead there?

did you know it was possible for me to nerdgasm in an octave usually reserved for dogwhistles?

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i am so dumb the lakes of fire tickets go on sale 8 PM not 8 AM i got up early and everything frick

I have to admit I laughed at this, if only for how many times I have committed similar stupidity.